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52 Week Money Challenge


Saving money can be very difficult if you don’t plan it out well. That is why I’m here to introduce to you the 52 Week Money Challenge. I’m not the first person who has thought of this concept that I’m about to introduce to you. Unfortunately, I don’t know the original source. However, my goal is to forward this great information to encourage and motivate you to save money for something you really want.

Let me explain this challenge. Take a look at the template below. It consists of 52 weeks and for each corresponding week, you will add that amount. So Week 1 = $1, Week 2 = $2, Week 3 = $3 and so forth. If you’re starting late like I am, you can catch up by putting in the missed weeks or start now and end in January. To keep track of the weeks, I’ll be putting in money every Sunday and I’ll also keep this sheet inside the jar.

52 Week Money ChallengeVariation 1: If you’re like every other person during the end of the year, there is an influx of spending (Christmas gifts, new winter tires, etc.) You can begin with Week 52 and work backwards. Do what will work best for your situation.

Variation 2: You don’t need to foot the whole weekly savings. Get your significant other or family involved. Split the weekly savings with someone who wants to be involved.

Variation 3: If your family can afford to do so, have your significant other do their own savings jar as well. Double the cash monies!

You can either make a goal or not, but it might be more motivating to make a goal for what you are saving for. By the way, if you follow the chart exactly, you’ll end up with $1378 at the end of 52 weeks. Freaking rad! Disneyland here I come! But I’d settle with any vacation really.

Tip: Put your laundry money into the jar or change that you find in your pocket at the end of the day.

So what exactly do you need for this challenge?

  • The template to help you keep track: click here to download
  • Jar or tub or whatever you want to put your money in. I think I’ll pick up a jar at the Dollar Store. My food jars aren’t quite big enough.
  • Motivation

Good luck, home philosophers! Let me know if you decide to do this challenge with me.


4 thoughts on “52 Week Money Challenge

  1. This was a great idea, started it this year and have managed to put in more some weeks, so look forward to doing it in 2016

  2. This saving for gifts really helped me last year. plan to do it this year(2016) may not be able to save as much as I am now retired but whatever I can save will definitely help.

  3. Reblogged this on Guide to Awakening Your Inner Self and commented:
    If you have difficulty saving money try this technique. Take small steps and save big by the end of the year. Decide on a goal and watch your money grow throughout the year. I did this last year and it was fun. This money was never to be touched so by placing it in a jar and only touching the jar when placing money within allowed me to keep an out of sight out of mind savings. Have some fun with this. If you live with other family member, get them involved in watching the money grow. Maybe set a family goal or use the amount saved at the end of the year to start a nice nest egg by keeping the money and adding to it in 2017 too.
    Love and Light

  4. I did this in 2015 and it was fun watching the money grow. Having a set amount to add every week was helpful and placing the money in the jar allowed me to set it aside and forget about it. In 2016 I plan to use this formula once again because it makes saving a little extra fun!! Love and Light

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